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Current River, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point River
Current River, Jacks Fork & Eleven Point River

Missouri has approx. 51,978 miles of river, of which 178.4 miles are protected (
ONSR & WSR) less than 2/5ths of 1% of the river miles.

FUN FACT: The avg. temp. of these 3 MO Scenic Rivers is 62 degrees. The average temps of the springs along these 3 rivers is 56 degrees.

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How clear? This clear! -- Float into Cave Spring (video and location here)

Visit the Artesian Well outside of Eminence. See the Round Spring herd.

River Collectibles, Rarities & Cool Items which supports the MSR project.

Current River, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point River introduction.

      Welcome to the Missouri Scenic Rivers website; the home of the MSR Stream Team and your one stop headquarters for everything Current River, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point River related. The site has been operated by StevenKing.biz since 2002. Did you know that of the 45 rivers in Missouri, only these 3 are classified as protected scenic rivers? Click here to see where they are located at within the state. The Current River and Jacks Fork are apart of the protected Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the Eleven Point River is apart of the protected Wild & Scenic Rivers system. All are ideal for secluded backcountry camping, great fishing and breathtaking float trips. These pristine scenic rivers are generally crystal clear except during and after heavy rains which usually occur in the spring. Also, they are all spring fed which keeps them nearly a constant cool 60-65 degrees year round. Perfect for that HOT summers day!

     My name is Steve King. I'm the webmaster and owner of Missouri Scenic Rivers along with various other fun websites such as ExtremeSwings.com, SledRiding.com, MissouriMetalDetecting.com, MissouriMarketplace.net, MoHorses.com, STLCornhole.com and TossingGames.com to name a few. I'm a U.S. Navy veteran of 12 years and senior health physics technician. I reside with my wife and son in Jefferson County, Missouri. In the summer of 2000, Missouri Stream Team #1571 was formed in an effort to keep the upper Current River clean (Montauk to Akers Ferry section). So, please secure your load and if you see any liter during your trip, please pick it up. Together we can make a difference!

Some maps for the Current River, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point River.

Where are these 3 Scenic Rivers?

Montauk State Park Map

Current/Jacks Fork Zoomable Map

NOTE: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Current/Jacks Fork Printable Map

Current River Mile-by-Mile

Jacks Fork Mile-by-Mile

Eleven Point River Mile-by-Mile - (more)

Rivers of Missouri Map (central/southern)

Missouri Scenic Rivers Road Trip Maps

Eleven Point River section

  Eleven Point River Page
River Levels - Fishing - Outfitters - Maps

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Current River
Floating, a favorite pastime on these scenic rivers.

Current River and Jacks Fork section

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