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Greer Spring
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    One of the most recent and final river additions to this website is this lesser traveled national scenic river. Not too far south/southwest of the Current River and Jacks Fork is the beautiful, crystal clear, spring fed Eleven Point River. The Eleven Point is a part of the protected National Wild & Scenic Rivers System managed by the National U.S. Forest Service. It is located about 5 hours from St. Louis, Columbia & Kansas City & about 3 hours from Springfield, MO in Oregon County in far southern central Missouri. The Eleven Point River was one of those originally designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1968. The Eleven Point River is trickier canoeing water than the Current or Jacks Fork and becomes dangerous with only a small rise in water levels and occasional class II rapids. It is not as blessed with gravel bars for camping as some rivers, but is fed by some of the loveliest wild springs in the state. Those on the upper river are relatively small, but the river is fed by the 10th largest freshwater spring in the world, Greer Spring and the second largest spring in the state. It nearly doubles the size of the river and makes the Eleven Point below Hwy. 19 quite floatable even in dry years. Camping along the Eleven Point is permitted and several primitive camps are also provided. There is a large campground at Greer Crossing (Highway 19) with picnic area and boat ramp. The Eleven Point is adjacent to the western boundary of the Irish Wilderness. The major travelway within the Irish Wilderness is the 18.6 mile Whites Creek Trail. From the trailhead at Camp Five Pond to the Eleven Point River, a visitor will experience a wide variety of natural terrain and geographical relief. The natural and recreational opportunities attract four million visitors to this wilderness area a year. Click HERE to get a visual for where the Eleven Point River is located in southern Missouri.


    River Levels

    Please Report (Current River, Jacks Fork & Eleven Point) River Conditions Here
    "Your reports are GREATLY appreciated & will be posted on the forum!"

    River Levels - Eleven Point River Level (Levels) Near Bardley, MO on the Eleven Point (16 mi. downstream from Greer). Usually, 2+ ft. above average leads to an undesireable float due to high muddy waters.
    **Average = ~1.7', below that you "may" drag your canoe**
    Record high level at this point = 21.64 ft on 12/03/1982
    Record low level at this point = 0.0 ft on 01/27/1956

    RIVER NOTE: March, April, May and the first half of June "usually" bring some persistant heavy Spring rains to the area. With this in mind, the river can rise VERY QUICKLY in a short matter of time. I speak from experience, awaking one morning on the nearby Current River to the water being all the way up to my tent and flowing like a muddy torrent. So please be aware of the weather. After a heavy rain, the river will be pretty muddy for a short period, and as it drops back to normal levels it will remain murky. This cloudy type of water could take a few days or more to subside as long as no more rain falls in the area upstream from ones location. Personally, I prefer to float mid-June through mid-September (mid-September through mid-November for the fall foliage) due to this reason. When I go to the river, I prefer to see it "crystal clear", not "murky" and definitly not "muddy". To each their own, but this is just my 2 cents worth. Feel free to call any of the outfitters on the river to find out the exact water conditons of the area that you are going to visit before you leave so as not to dissapoint yourself with less than desireable river conditions. One thing thing the graph above cannot do is give you a visual.



    2012 Eleven Point River Map - Nicely designed by Walden Jost.

    Eleven Point River Mile-By-Mile

    Eleven Point District Clickable Map

    Get Directions To The Eleven Point From Anywhere - Just enter your starting address. The destination address, nearby Alton, Missouri (just west of the Eleven Point River), has already been entered for you. This will give you both a map and turn-by-turn detailed directions.

    Upper River Section Map or Upper-Middle River Section Map or Lower-Middle River Section Map or
    Lower River Section Map - If the map looks distorted (shrunk), then just put your cursor on it until the "expand to regular size" button pops up in the lower right hand corner and click that.

    1895 map of Oregon County

    Trout Area Map - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Eleven Point River Travel Guide - .pdf file


    Fishing Information

    Eleven Point River Quick Fishing Guide
    ---(Click Here For Printable Version)----
    Section Daily Limit Possession Limit Size Limit Targeted Fish
    Thomasville to Border
    Thomasville to border
    Greer to Turners Mill
    Turners to Hwy. 160
    Hwy. 160 to border
    15 fish
    6 fish*
    1 fish
    4 fish
    4 fish
    12 fish
    8 fish
    8 fish
    8 fish
    8" min.
    15" min.
    18" min.
    No min.
    18" min.
    Goggle Eye
    Black Bass***
    Rainbow Trout**
    Rainbow Trout
    The Black Bass family includes the Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted (Kentucky) Bass.
    *No more than one of the 6 may be a Smallmouth Bass.
    **Flies and artificial lures only along this stretch. Synthetic eggs and soft plastic lures are specifically prohibited.
    ***Season 5-24-14 to 2-28-15.

    "The Eleven Point River in Oregon County has big trout and its a wildly beautiful area to boot. From Greer Access to Riverton you can catch trout, and from Greer Access at Highway 19 to Turner Mill you can expect to hook into big trout. From Turner Mill to Riverton you get to keep more trout, but don't expect as many big ones. This is a river that for the most part runs through untamed beautiful wilderness, there are few spots to stop along the way to camp and a canoe is the best way to fish the Eleven Point."

    Trout Fly Fishing Gear - Stock Up!

    Eleven Point River Fishing Report - By the Ozark Anglers Forum.

    Eleven Point River Fishing Regulations.

    Missouri Trout Hunter (Eleven Point) - NOTE: There are A LOT more trout related links (ie. recipes, cleaning procedures, etc.) under the Current River fishing page HERE.

    Fishing on the Eleven Point River - .pdf file

    Outdoor Camping Games

    The Tossing Games Forum - Camping Games


    Camping & Lodging Information

    Eleven Point Canoe Cottages - The Eleven Point Canoe Rental has recently purchased Cottage Overnight Lodging and now has the privilege of providing lodging for our customers in four nice cottages in Alton. MEET UP --- REVIEWS

    Greer Crossing Campground - Operated by the forest service at Greer Spring. MEET UP --- REVIEWS

    Hufstedler's Camp and Store - In Riverton. Canoe rentals also. MEET UP --- REVIEWS

    McCormack Lake Recreation Area - 8 campsites located near Greer Spring.MEET UP --- REVIEWS

    Got a Tree? --- Check out some Missouri-Made Tree Swings Here.

    NOTE: For those canoers/campers who wish to truely experience the wild, Backcountry (primitive) camping is permitted by the NPS on gravel bars along the river at no charge. Please keep a clean camp and bury human waste at least 100 feet from the river. Collect only down and dead wood for campfires. This is TOTAL SECLUSION from the real world, for that no houses can be built along or near any part of the river within this protected Wild & Scenic River. Take higher ground in the case of a heavy rain due to flash flooding.



    Turner's Mill & Spring - A beautiful site!

    Eleven Point River Pictures June 2005

    Various Eleven Point River Pictures Via Webshots

    Eleven Point River MO 19 Bridge - Built in 1934.

    Yahoo's "Eleven Point River" Keyword Image Search - Also, click HERE for Google's image search of the "Eleven Point River".



    Boze Mill/Greer Spring

    Creek Crossing


    Eagles Nest Blocked


    Related Information

    Greer Spring Branch Discussion

    Greer Spring Trail

    Oregon County Horses - Horse classifieds & related directory.

    Eleven Point River Horsepower Limits

    Watershed & Inventory Assessment

    Eleven Point River Conservancy Homepage

    Ozark Trail Eleven Point River Section

    Click HERE for locations and discharge of selected springs in the Eleven Point Watershed, and click HERE for a
    visual map of the Eleven Point springs.

    Missouri Scenic Rivers on Facebook - News from visitors. Also visit Missouri Marketplace on Facebook (Buy/Sell/Trade).


    River Outfitters

    Stream Team Discount: Certain liveries have agreed to offer discounts to Missouri Stream Teams. These discounts are available to Teams renting canoes, to complete Stream Team activities like litter pickup, water quality monitoring, etc. You must show your Stream Team ID card in order to receive this discount. Also, unless otherwise stated, discounts apply to canoes only.

    To join a Missouri Stream Team, click here.

    Need just a shuttle service? View shuttle rates here

    Hufstedler's Canoe Rental
    Located in Alton, MO
    (417) 778-6116 / (417) 778-6935
    ~Rates~ - ~Meet Up~ - Stream Team Discount (None offered) --- REVIEWS --- BUY KAYAKS


    Best Camping Machete on the Market

    Float Schedule


    Thomasville to Cane Bluff
    "Too low after Memorial Day."
    10 miles6-8 hours
    Cane Bluff to Greer
    "Too low after Father's Day."
    8 miles4-6 hours
    Thommasville to Greer
    "Too low after Memorial Day."
    18 miles7-9 hours
    Greer to Turner's Mill
    "Blue Ribbon Trout Stretch"
    6 miles2-4 hours
    Greer to Whitten 12 miles4-6 hours
    Greer to Riverton
    "Most Popular Stretch To Float" (TIP: Put in early for 1-day trips)
    20 miles8-10 hours
    Turner's Mill to Riverton 15 miles6-7 hours
    Whitten to Riverton 8 miles3-4 hours
    Riverton to SH 142 8 miles4-6 hours
    Riverton to Stubblefied Access 13 miles6-8 hours
    Thomasville to Riverton
    "Upper too low after Memorial Day."
    36 miles 16-20 hours
    Cane Bluff to Riverton
    "Upper too low after Father's Day."
    26 miles 12-16 hours
    Greer to SH 142 30 miles 14-18 hours

    Greer to Dalton, AR 40-45 miles 20-24 hours
    Thomasville to Dalton, AR
    "Upper too low after Memorial Day."
    50-55 miles 28-32 hours
    Cane Bluff to Dalton, AR
    "Upper too low after Father's Day."
    48-53 miles 26-30 hours

    NOTE: Certain outfitters will only put in and take out at specific locations. Check first before making plans.

    "Floating speeds are typically 2 - 2 1/2 miles per hour + any stops"



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    Eleven Point Weather
    Click HERE for the average monthly Eleven Point weather.




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